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Developers of the Internet database for rescued pets in shelters across the UK

Omnis Integration

Omnis Externals

Artificia develops externals for Omnis Studio.  In addition to the products listed here, we will also develop custom externals.

ImageLib External

Image processing external for Omnis Studio. Use Image Lib to:

  • Dynamically resize images to specified dimensions or percentages
  • Scale images (performs interpolation for enhanced quality when enlarging)
  • Read, write and convert image files between a range of image file formats, including JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PCT, PCX, PSD, TGA & TIF
  • Preserve or disregard aspect ratio
  • Crop image and select area to save as new image
  • Chop sections out of image
  • Rotate image through specified angle
  • Source image from file or binary blob of desired image format
  • Obtain binary blob for image in any specified image format.
  • Adjust colour depth and image quality
  • Obtain file size, colour depth, height and width of image files

ImageLib is only available for Windows at this time and is provided as a time-limited demo.

ImageLib is the image processing intelligence behind the RescuePet web database system. It is ideal for applications where images of various sizes and formats need to be converted to thumbnails or standard sized images of a consistant format (e.g. JPG).

Full developer license is available at £300, which entitles a single developer to freely use and deploy the ImageLib external within their own Omnis applications. Please email to purchase developer license or use this link to pay by PayPal:


ImageLib is based on the Image Magick code library, Copyright (C) 2002 ImageMagick Studio LLC

Please read the license agreement before downloading and using ImageLib.


To use the ImageLib external, download and unzip ImageLib.dll and place it in your Studio/XCOMP directory. Open Omnis Studio and run the demo library. It is that easy to add the image processing capabilities of ImageLib to Omnis!

ImageLib Demo Library

A demonstration library is provided to illustrate resizing of images and image format conversion.

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