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Omnis Integration

Omnis Externals

Artificia develops externals for Omnis Studio.  In addition to the products listed here, we will also develop custom externals.

Performance External

Performance measuring utility for Omnis Studio - Windows xcomp. This external calls the high performance clock within the Windows operating system and returns a timing in microseconds. It may be used as a stop-clock to measure and compare code and database processes within Omnis. The xcomp has a very small overhead of approximately 120 microseconds that may be measured (demonstrated in demo library).

To use the performance external, you will need to download performance.dll and place it in your Studio/XCOMP directory e.g.:
C:\Program Files\OMNIS Software Inc\OS33\XCOMP\performance.dll

Performance is only available for Studio and Windows at this time and is provided as freeware.

Please read the license agreement before downloading and using Performance.

Performance Demo Library

Demonstration library for performance external.

A demonstration library is provided to illustrate the use of the Performance external. Examples include:

  • comparison of function call versus inline code
  • object creation versus inline code
  • string reversal loop
  • external overhead measurement.

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