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"Just As It Is"

Just As It Is is a collection of songs written as an expression of my feelings at a time of transition. In a time of depression, bereavement and heartbreak my music was my lifeline.

Just As It Is started when my Mother passed on. She always told me I should do something with my singing. I originally wanted to play a few songs to enable me to busk and earn enough money to eat wherever I was in the world.

As I progressed I realised that it was easier to make my own songs than to learn someone elses. I realised that my music made an impact on people and with the encouragement of many friends I decided to make this album.

Thank you.

Thank you for the encouragement, the honesty and the constant reminders that friends and other people have given me, for without this none of this would be possible.

Thank you.

I wanted it to be as raw and as natural as possible, thus Just As It Is was born. The possibilities to refine the structure of each song are infinite but sometimes simple is best and life is not always perfect or the way you plan it. This album is an example of this.

The album is dedicated to the women that I have truly loved, for the inspiration and feelings they have given me.

Most importantly this album is dedicated to my Mother,

Olive Patricia McDonnell.

Why is it we never see what we have until it is gone?

All the best, Victor Chetcuti.

Tracks (click to listen)
1) Wings of an Angel
2) From Me to You
3) Don't Forget It
4) Silver Moon Spider
5) Crossfire
6) Kinda Get the Feelin
7) Thats Alright (Arthur Crudup)
8) Til the Day We Die
9) Sittin by the River
10) Easy (Lionel Ritchie)
11) Some People
12) The Look in Her Eyes
13) Something Inside

All tracks (except 7 and 10) written by and copyright of Victor Chetcuti, and may not be reproduced or distributed without his permission. To purchase a copy of Just As It Is, either use the Paypal buttons to buy online or email Victor at chetcuti_victor@hotmail.com 5 plus 1.50 postage within the UK, or telephone 0775 265 2222 for information on gigs, availability etc. All the best, Victor.


There are so many people and friends to mention. I hope I remember them all. But if I don't, thanks anyway. You know who you are.

To be sorted! Don't worry - I haven't forgot you!