Just As It Is

Something Else

Together Free


Dear You, To You,

It's been a while since my last album and, after finishing "Just As It Is", which was just as it was, I thought I would carry on and do "something else". My wish was to create a collection of songs with something else, something that would enhance the songs and bring a fuller sound to the music. A few memories later, not to mention a few more of life's happenings, bits, bobs and ups and downs (which are all thrown in), the influence of some beautiful meetings with some beautiful people along the way and the opportunity to play with some amazingly gifted musicians has inspired and enabled me to share my songs with you again. This is that wish. May they bring you peace in troubled times, or any other time. In fact, once you have bought the CD, you can do what you like with it. Play it whenever, wherever you want. If you like it, that is. Anyway, it's done. What happens with it is up to you. It is what it is and at the right time, in the right place, I really do hope you like it.

Very best wishes to you and yours.

All the best,


Tracks (click to listen)
1) Green Eyes (4.10)
2) Rainbows (4.56)
3) Upside down/Inside out (4.41)
4) Sucker with a guitar (3.40)
5) Star (Falling In To You) (4.10)
6) Take My Time (4.03)
7) Down The Road (4.16)
8) One To Come (0.23)
9) The Lyric Box (4.07)
10) Nature's Child (3.37)
11) Thinking Of You (4.10)
12) Vibrational Medicine (3.08)
13) Kind Of A Feeling (5.23)

All tracks (except 5 and 7) written by and copyright of Victor Chetcuti, and may not be reproduced or distributed without his permission.

Track 7 written by and copyright of Victor Chetcuti and Bob Burk.

Track 5 written by and copyright of Star.

Allow me to introduce you to Star. She's the Something Else on the album. Writer and performer of the song "Falling In To You" (Track 5).


To purchase a copy of Something Else, either use the Paypal buttons to buy online or email Victor at chetcuti_victor@hotmail.com 8 plus 1.50 postage within the UK, or telephone 0775 265 2222 for information on gigs, availability etc. All the best, Victor.


Something Else

Victor Chetcuti Guitar and Vocals
Bob Burke Guitar, piano and others
Gavin Jones Percussion and drums
Lee Drayson Bass
Conner Burke Xylophone

Thank You

To the musicians that have helped me to make this first time sound, for their feeling, their expression and talent.

For Bob encouraging me to get on with it and for making it possible.

To his family for putting up with the disruption and letting us use their home to record most of the album and also for their hospitality. Thank You. Cath's sandwiches were magic! Oh, and all the best to Nan.

To Gavin for his genius, right on time, every time! For traveling to and from, and for giving such a wonderful rhythm to the music, for giving some of the tunes a heartbeat. Thank you. Look forward to next time.

To Lee, for giving such depth to the music, a real back bone bass, for being an original and feeling the music. Not to mention what a great guy! Thank you.

In fact, thanks for all being such cool guys to be with, whether we were playing or not, and not forgetting little Connor for his xylophone playing and ambience when we played. You lit the room, little one.

Not forgetting Bob, for coordinating the guys, places and the times. For keeping songs that I would have thrown away and for making it possible. Thank you. You're a wicked musician, man. It's been a pleasure to have met you and a greater pleasure playing with you ( I mean musically eh!.........for the sake of the reader). To all the band it's been a wonderful journey, to be honest the experience has been an honour and has given me a higher perception of myself as a musician by being able to play with such talented and gifted musicians. I really do mean it. It's been a blessing.

Thank you.

To Tony for sorting out the other recording bits and bobs, cheers mate, job well done.

We would sit around camp fires and you always sang like an angel (you always look like one as well). Star, thank you for your friendship and your gift that you have now shared with us all. Thanks for track 5, 'Falling Into You', for giving such a beautiful interlude to the album and so much more. Thank you.

I'm going to get deep here, so here goes, in making this album I wish to thank the souls who have come into my life, who have touched and inspired me to create the lyrics and the feelings which have enabled me to write the songs. But even more so, the ones that have stayed and stuck by me, helping me, guiding me, telling me to carry on with my music, for telling me it's not shit when I thought it was, thank you whether you realize it or not but I think some of you will know who you are. I know I'm going on a bit but it is important for me to let you know.

At this point I would like to say a special thank you to a very special person for helping me the most. If I truly realized how special you are, I would do cartwheels for a month. But seriously (but not that seriously) here goes, for your understanding , your patience, your listening, your caring, your wisdom and your thoughts, for your kindness and your strength, in fact to be honest I could fill this page, but I think you've got the gist. Oh, and I really do thank God or Goddess (?) I met you. Anyway, Thank you, Gail. x Always. x

P.S. Please be my manager. Sorry if I missed out loads of other things, you know what I'm like, thanks for the album cover photo and thanks to Nadia for helping with it. For all the in betweens and gigs and correspondence and computer babylon stuff, bless you.

Thanks to Peter and Budgie and families for fixing Pegasus.

To Clare and her Mum and Dad for the CD side of things and to Wayne for them cracking photos, even though you were ill, I won't forget it. P.S. If I make it famous, they'll make you rich one day. Get on with it Vic....

To Corwen for sorting out my music for the website and for getting my website started. Thank you for all the pissing about with emails etc, and for Gail to passing and arranging everything to do with the website and computer stuff.

Not forgetting Caroline who has brilliantly produced and built my website and not to mention loads of other computer stuff. Web Mistress, you are an angel. Thank You.

To all who had to mess about phoning and emailing, thank you.

To Nick and Cherie for all you have done in making it happen.

To Paul Burke for playing my music and to Shad and all at Indigo for the gigs. Thank you.

Listen right, I've never done this before and it's quite difficult for me to actually remember everyone who is connected to me in making this album, if there is anyone who I have not mentioned, please forgive me but I thank you also.

I wish to say the track 'Green Eyes' was inspired by a few different things but I would like to remember this song to Gail because she deserves it. I thank Anita and Holly for the track 'Thinking of You'. A lot of stuff happens in the time it takes to write an album, things change and move on but they are not always forgotten.

Finally, I would like to say, and for you to know... most importantly of all

This album is dedicated to my Dad

who sadly passed away from cancer in 2005. How do you write something dedicated to your father, it brings up a lot of stuff... Dad taught me to be straight, to respect people, especially Mum, never to look for trouble, and never to back down from it. To be a survivor, to respect religions and cultures, to respect my elders and to watch out for kids. To share my food, loads of stuff, man. I've done and do my best to do so. At the end of the day, he taught me loads, too many things that can't be put into words and too many things that I could, I have no need to try. He was and is the best and always will be. So much I could say but to come back to the reader, I reckon that one of the most difficult and testing things in life must be to raise children.

So, I say to my father thank you for everything.

Always and forever,

x Thank You x

Victor Chetcuti


'There are things in life that not even death can take away,

Love is one of them.'