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"Together Free"

Hello, my name is Victor, I am another singer songwriter and this is the story of how Together Free has come come to be.

Some time ago I played a gig in Verwood where I met an amazing musician called Harry, we got together and ended up recording two tracks which at the time were the beginnings of two songs, Life some how got in the way and the songs were forgotten. A few months passed and I listened to the tracks again. I found that, in my opinion, the songs were perfect. One of the tracks was called Together Free,which to me held so many different meanings that I became inspired to make my third album, an album with different musicians each sharing their gift, without the commitment of being in a band, so that when you, the listener, is listening to the album, you are listening to a journey of different contributions of feelings and sound, with the songs being made and recorded at different times and places with different people.

Together Free consists of not only the creation and sharing of my own songs but also the feelings and talents of some amazing musicians contributing to the album. It has been a real journey filled with inspirations, frustrations, teachings and blessings, not just with the songs but also with the contribution, cooperation and timing of so many beautiful people showing so many deeds of good will, the giving of their time, their efforts, their faith and belief in making this album happen. It is an example of people coming together and sharing their talents and expertise not for gain or financial reward but for the love of what they do and from the goodness of their hearts. so that it may be shared with you, the listener, now and always. Anyway, it is done. I really hope you like the album and that good memories are made while it is played. Who knows where this album will end up, I guess that's up to you? ( hopefully, you'll buy it!) Whatever happens, I really hope you'll like it.

Music is nothing without the listener, so I wish you all the very best.

Victor Chetcuti

Another Singer Songwriter

Tracks (click to listen)
Track One Wings of An Angel
Re-recorded thanks to Dan Guitar Dan Tucker( Tinderbox), Cello Lee Cuff, Written by V Chetcuti

Track Two It Is What It Is
Recorded at Swan Studios Guitar and Vocals Victor, Written by V Chetcuti

Track Three Look In Your Eyes
Re-recorded thanks to Dan ( Tinderbox) Guitar Dan Tucker ( Tinderbox) Cello Lee Cuff, Guitar and Vocals Victor Written by V Chetcuti

Track Four Jake's Song
Recorded at Swan Studios Written by Jake and V Chetcuti Guitar Jake, Vocals Victor

Track Five Havin' You With Me
Recorded thanks to Bob Burke Guitar Bob Burke, Vocals and Guitar Victor

Track Six Doin' Fine
Recorded at Swan Studies Guitar and vocals Victor, Written by V Chetcuti

Track Seven Still around
Recorded at Swan Studios Guitar and vocals Victor, Written by V Chetcuti

Track Eight Stayin' Alive
Recorded thanks to Bob Burke Guitar Bob Burke, Guitar and Vocals Victor, written by V Chetcuti

Track Nine Interval
by Vic and Bob

Track Ten Pocket full of sunshine
Recorded at Bob's Guitar Bob, Guitar and Vocals, Victor, Written by V. Chetcuti

Track Eleven Sometimes
Recorded at Bob's Guitar Bob, Guitar and Vocals, Victor, Written by V. Chetcuti

Track Twelve Right Here , Right Now
Recorded at Swan studios Guitar and Vocals - Victor Written by V Chetcuti

Track Thirteen Babies crying again
Recorded at Swan Studios Guitar and Vocals Victor - Written by V Chetcuti

Track Fourteen Moon Beams
Recorded at Swan studios Guitar - Mike and Podge, Vocal, Victor , Written by Mike and V Chetcuti

Track Fifteen Movin' on Up
Guitar Podge Vocals and Guitar - Victor, Written by Podge and Victor Chetcuti

Track Sixteen Don't think to much
Recording courtesy of Harry Skinner Lead Guitar Harry Skinner, victor vocals and guitar, Written by Victor Chetcuti

Track Seventeen Together Free
Recordings courtesy Harry Skinner Slide Guitar Harry Skinner, Guitar/vocals Victor, Written by V Chetcuti

All tracks are written by Victor Chetcuti Copyright 2008/2009 Except Tracks 4.14 and 15 which have been co-written. All tracks re-mixed at Swan studios

All tracks written by and copyright of Victor Chetcuti, and may not be reproduced or distributed without his permission. To purchase a copy of Together Free email Victor at chetcuti_victor@hotmail.com 10 plus 1.50 postage within the UK, or telephone 0775 265 2222 for information on gigs, availability etc. All the best, Victor.


Thank You

A Little Story

This is where I'd like to say a quick thank you to the people that made this album happen. So many to thank, don't know where to start. I guess I should start with God and Mom and Dad. Xxx

Big thanks to Mr. Harry Skinner for playin' and jammin' and then recording a couple of tunes I had floating around, Together Free and Don't Think Too Much. For giving me his time and efforts not to mention his amazing talent. It is because of this that I became inspired to make this album called Together Free. Cheers Mate! Best wishes to you and family.

A special thanks to Mr. Dan Tucker ( Tinderbox) for his beautiful work, his magic and enthusiasm in the laying down of the recordings, Wings Of An Angel and Look In Your Eyes and a few other tracks we will keep up our sleeve 'til next time. Also, thank you to Moon for putting up with it all. And while I'm on it, Thank You for your friendship, best wishes to you both and family. Do you know I could go on and write a book here. A lot of things have been going on since trying to do this album and with my memory, it's hard not to leave anyone out.

Anyway, next I'd like to thank Mr. Lee Cuff for his patience and expertise in arranging and playing the cello so beautifully on tracks, Wings Of An Angel an Look In Your Eyes. Told you they needed strings. Best Wises to mum, dad and family. Cheers mate.

A special thank you to Podge for sharing his groove and feel on the tracks Movin' on Up and Moonbeams And also his friendship. Best Wishes to You and Nikki and little ones.

Special thanks to Jake for sharing his song. Brilliant dude, I'm proud. Best wishes to Barry and Lisa for also helping and best wishes to Amy and Tom.

I'm gonna keep writing I'm on a roll............................just can't remember who's next and by the way there is no pecking order with these 'thank-you's' it is just as I'm writing. They are as important as each other.

Next special 'thank-you' is once more to Mr. Bob Burke for his genius and friendship and for recording so much of the album, best wishes to Mum, Dad, Nan, Cathy and Connor.

Thanks for letting us record in the garden.

Also to Gavin Jones for his efforts and time, cheers mate.

Cheers to Mike for inspiring me to make Moonbeams nice one Dude! Look after Meg.

I'd like to say a special thank-you for Fergie and Mark for their friendship and allowing me to record some of the album at Swan Studios, thank-you. Let's hope we sell loads and I can give everyone a nice drink! Either way, thank-you and best wishes to family. Also, a little thank-you to my mate, Phil. Phil, it's been a while mate and although you break my heart and crack me up at the same time I really mean it bro' cheers man! There's not enough I can say to say thank you truly. Lots of love. Not to say I didn't mean it to the rest of the guys, I hope I'm not rambling here back to the point.......thank you Phil and best wishes to the family.

I'd like to change the thank-you's for a moment to take time to apologise. My intention was to involve as many musicians as possible but time and situations and the number of songs made it impossible. So, to the musicians and friends that have not been displayed on the album, my apologies. Each track has been allocated as and when they happen. There are only 80 minutes on a CD and a the moment, I have not he funds to create a double album, so this apology is too you and with my regrets,.but there will be a next album hopefully best wishes.

Many thanks to Richard for doing the last mix, best wishes to you and yours and to the rest of the band. PS. Swap you one of mine for one of yours.

PS again: 'moneymaker' wicked tune man! Wicked tune!

I have to say to you the reader, that so many things were done with these wonderful people, that you are reading the shortest explanation And there are lots more that I could say but this really would turn into a book!! But you are still reading so I'll carry on. There are so many deeds that are done by people, friends and loved ones that it is because of these deeds no album could have been made.

Which leads me to say thank you too the people and loved ones that have been indirectly responsible for helping me make this album. Thank You

To the people who truly listen to this music, for their appreciation and encouragement. Thank You.

Special thank you to my mate, MrX, you know who you are! For his friendship and skilful gifts he has contributed to me (so much) for the album and my music. Lots of love. Thank You. Best Wishes to Mum, Jules, Tony, Meg and Mike, Gem and Steve Marcy.

A very special thank-you to Michael for everything. For keepin' a horse beneath me, his friendship and support thank-you. Best wishes to family.

A special thank-you to Caroline for her ongoing efforts and time with the arranging of my website, Thank you. Best wishes to Rod and to you both for your friendship and help.

Special thank you to Jo and Ashley and Simon and family. Cheers to Ashley for all the tools and things and help. Thanks for your friendship. Best wishes.

Also special thanks to Vicky, Jamie, George and Grace for your friendship, encouragement and support. Best wishes. Thank you.

Also, special thanks to all the staff at Southampton's Queen Anne Maternity Ward. Thank you guys and best wishes. Job well done.

Just think, I have just realised that what I am writing will be for all to see and if this is to be shared on the net, I must say this: if only I knew the secrets of life and if I did would it make any difference? What a potential for me to write something to everyone who could read this. I thank my canoe for not sinking and me paddle for not breaking, thanks to me van. Funny how life doesn't happen the way you expect it. I'd also like to say I am letting you know that these songs are my journey, my feelings and expressions. Whatever life is, my music is just what it is as life is what it is. Wohh man! Getting' a bit deep her Vic....I'll just have a likkle break, back in a bit.

Hello, again! Yes, I have not finished.....yet! It's not everyday that you finish an album and it's not everyday that you get to say thank you for it either. So, if I am going on a bit, I apologise.....but you gotta say thanks.

Back to the listener. In all our endeavours and whatever talents and expressions we share as musicians, the listener is of equal importance. What's the point of music if there is no listener. So, to the listeners, I say thank you.

Special thanks to Clare for CD stuff, thank you. Best wishes to Mum and Dad.

Basically, thank you to all who have made this happen, directly or indirectly. For your kindness, time and efforts, may they be rewarded by the appreciation of the listeners of this album. My sincerest thanks.

PS: Special thank you to Gail....sincerely, there are too many thank you's to mention. I hope my dedication shows thanks for a few of them.

Oh, and one more thing.......thanks everyone!

Dedication with Love

This album is dedicated to the people who directly and indirectly made it happen. This album is dedicated to our loved ones passed on. And finally, this album is dedicated with my love always to Gail, Grace, Olivia, Rosie and Nadia.

Until the next one,

Best Wishes,


Another Singer Songwriter

Together Free