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Developers of the Internet database for rescued pets in shelters across the UK

Omnis Integration

Omnis Development

Artificia consultants have developed a range of high-profile, high-usage, Internet database systems, based on Omnis web technologies, for blue chip customers.  We are not afraid to develop cutting edge systems and enjoy meeting the challenges at the forefront of Omnis web development.

If you have a specification, we will turn it into a live system within a very competitive timeframe and budget.  Development work may be undertaken on a fixed cost or daily rate basis.

If you don't have a specification, we will listen to your system requirements, provide system design and architecture consultancy and will deliver to you a specification, along with development schedule and cost estimate.  You may then commission us to develop the system or are free to take the specification to another development supplier.

As well as developing entire systems, Artificia can supply Omnis development resource to external development projects.


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